Hi!  I'm Cassandra Hendryx-Evans, but everyone calls me Cassie. 

When I was a little girl, I loved being in front of the camera.  So, it was a natural transition for me to move behind the lens as I got older.  Throughout high school - with camera always in tow - you could find me capturing as many memorable moments as possible.  In 2009, while still a student at a dance company, I began to take action photography shots of dancers at local and regional dance competitions.  Spurred on by the enthusiastic response to these photos, I officially started Photo Creations by Cassie in 2010.

Capturing moments that clients can view for years and generations to come is my driving passion.  Be it photographing a first time mom's belly pics...freezing in time the last image of a beloved family member...providing a cherished memory of a child's frosting-covered face at her 1st birthday party...or even supplying a growing entrepreneur with a stunning headshot for their business card or taking shots of a bakery's tasty treats for its new website - I love experiencing the joy on a client's face when they see the finished product!

Along with my love for photography, I'm a total foodie!  So, artistic still shots of delectable dishes and food items is something I particularly enjoy.  I also love to travel, LOVE Jesus and love my church, and have been blessed to combine all three through mission trips to Haiti and Guatemala, reliving those journeys through photos I've taken of the people and places there.

I'm a photographer who takes pride in my versatility and flexibility.  I work with families and individuals, new and established businesses, newborns, pets, dancers and athletes, in a variety of settings, doing both still and action shots - and I continue to grow and expand my craft, remaining teachable and open to new technologies and methods in the field of photography.  I endeavor to ensure that my clients always get the best value for the time granted to me to capture their life moments. 

I'm grateful you've come to my website.  Stick around for awhile and check out my galleries.  I look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to provide you with memories that last a lifetime - and beyond! 

- Cassie